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Innovative Engineering for a Greener Future

At nMentors Engineering, we excel in renewable energy innovation: floating photovoltaic plants, green hydrogen technologies, and advanced automation systems. Our focus on cutting-edge R&D, comprehensive project management, and data analytics ensures efficient, sustainable solutions. We meet today’s energy needs and anticipate future challenges, driving the low-carbon transition and fostering a greener, sustainable future.

Our Services

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Project Management and Consulting

Comprehensive project management support (PMO) and strategic consulting for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), ensuring efficient and timely delivery of renewable energy projects from planning to operation.


Floating Photovoltaic and Distributed Generation Systems

Innovative solar energy solutions on water bodies and support for decentralized energy production, enhancing efficiency and utilizing space effectively.


Green Hydrogen and Research & Development

Advancing green hydrogen technologies and conducting cutting-edge research and development to enhance efficiency and sustainability in renewable energy.


Automation and Data Analytics

Implementing advanced SCADA systems, automation technologies, and leveraging data analytics to optimize monitoring, control, and operational forecasting in renewable energy installations.


Energy Efficiency Solutions

Implementing solutions to optimize energy usage, reduce waste, and enhance operational efficiency in renewable energy systems.


Training and Capacity Building

Offering specialized training programs for professional development in project management, data analytics, and automation to foster a skilled workforce in the energy sector.


Discover Our Innovative Projects

At nMentors Engineering, we are committed to driving the future of renewable energy through cutting-edge projects and sustainable practices. Our dedication to excellence and innovation is reflected in our diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from floating photovoltaic systems to advanced R&D initiatives with industry leaders. Join us as we explore how our expertise and passion for sustainability are making a positive impact on the energy sector and the environment.

Floating Photovoltaic Systems

Our floating photovoltaic systems utilize vast water bodies to generate clean energy efficiently, leveraging innovative solar technologies to maximize output while reducing water evaporation. These projects are managed comprehensively by our PMO team, ensuring timely and within-budget execution. One of our flagship projects is located in a reservoir near São Paulo, the largest city in South America, with planned investments of USD 90 million.

Norte Energia Research & Development

We collaborate with Norte Energia on cutting-edge R&D projects at the largest fully national hydroelectric plant on the Xingu River, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. These projects include the development of solar trackers and hybrid energy generation systems, combining water and solar power. These initiatives enhance energy efficiency and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and innovation in renewable energy.

Energy Efficiency Training for EDP

We lead social projects focused on training elementary school teachers in energy efficiency practices through the “Energy Education in Schools” initiative by EDP Distribuidora São Paulo. This program reaches over 2,000 teachers and 60,000 children, fostering a new generation that values sustainable energy practices.

Energy Management Training for Enel São Paulo

We conduct training programs for energy managers of Enel São Paulo’s clients, equipping over 400 infrastructure managers with the skills to develop and implement energy efficiency projects. These programs promote sustainable energy use and help organizations leverage financial benefits from regulatory programs.

Our Story

About Our Company and Our People

We are a leading company dedicated to advancing renewable energy solutions through innovative engineering and exceptional services.

Our company, founded in 2008, is built on the foundation of advancing renewable energy and helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals. We understand that each project is unique and has its own requirements and aspirations. That’s why we offer personalized solutions and support tailored to each project’s needs and goals. Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients.

With years of experience in the industry, our company has established a strong reputation for excellence and reliability. We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results and have successfully managed numerous renewable energy projects. Our commitment to continuous learning and innovation ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and provide the best solutions for our clients. Choose nMentors Engineering and let us be your partner in driving global energy transformation.

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